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The Best 360 Games


The Xbox 360 has been around for a few years now and there are several hundred games that have been published for it. If you are buying a new Xbox 360 and want to know what games you should get for it, this list will be a good place to start. Also, if you already own a 360 and have been playing games for awhile, you might want to take a close look too. You just might find a game on this this that you haven’t played yet, and with this being the list of the best Xbox 360 games ever, you should definitely give all of these games a try.

These are my choices for the 25 best 360 games ever and all of these games deserve to be here. Every single one of these games has done something amazing or revolutionary. Whether there greatness was achieved in game mechanics, level design, art, or story, or sales numbers, these games are hard to out rank. Here’s my top 25.

#25. FIFA Soccer 08
#24. Forza Motorsport 2
#23. Rock Band 2
#22. Burnout Paradise
#21. Soulcalibur IV
#20. Dead Rising
#19. Saints’ Row
#18. Crackdown
#17. Street Fighter IV
#16. Fable II
#15. Tom Clancy’s Rainbow 6: Vegas 2
#14. Elder Scroll IV: Oblivion
#13. Fight Night Round 3
#12. Dead Space
#11. Left 4 Dead
#10. Grand Theft Auto IV
#9. The Orange Box
#8. Gears of War 2
#7. Mass Effect
#6. Assassin’s Creed
#5. Guitar Hero: World Tour
#4. Fallout 3
#3. BioShock
#2. Halo 3
#1. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

I’m sure there are lot of you who don’t agree with this list, and would argue about what games should be in the top 4. Everyone is going to have their own opinion, but most everyone would agree that these are the best games ever. They just might rank them in a different order.

I put Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare in the number one spot because its single player mode is the most engaging first person shooter out there. It adapts to what you do and there are a variety of ways to conquer each encounter.

Halo 3 get the number 2 spot because of its multiplayer and the online community. This is the best multiplayer out there. Others are good but their success comes from designs stolen from Halo 3 & 2.

Bioshock is third because it has the most amazing story of any game ever made. The story pulls you in and the entire ambiance of the game is dedicated in telling you about the collapse of Rapture. Also, this was an original title and didn’t build its success on other games before it. Notice how there are a lot of sequels that make it into the top 25 lists. That is because they build the game on foundations of other games in the series.

Fallout 3 is just a world that is fun to explore. There is so much content outside of the set missions its amazing. There were just a few things that bugged me about this game and that’s why it ranks a little lower on the list. That is also why Grand Theft Auto IV is so low. Great game, but to much busy work when going through the missions in the game.

Remember that this list is just a list of games so far. There are new games coming out all the time and some of them will probably make it into the next list. One game that is already make huge headway is Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 which come out on November 11, 2009. This game has already sold several million in pre-orders and currently holds the record for most pre-orders ever sold.

Also, Bioshock 2 comes out next year and some cool gameplay footage [http://new360games.com/bioshock-2-gameplay-footage.html] is already out there. This game has a lot of promise.

I’ve been working in the game industry as a designer and producer for years and have been involved in some pretty exciting video game projects. I keep a blog on new 360 games [http://new360games.com] and other exciting news about the Xbox 360.

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