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Should i get a ps3? I already have a 360 what would i like better?



  1. the ps3 has so many more features! in the long run the cost will be worth it because with the ps3:

    -there is bluray and hd-dvd is out the window

    – built in wifi

    -no online fees

    -no power brick, it is very quiet

    -can put linux on it

    -in my opinion, better games

    -HUGE 50gb game discs allow for better grahics and a better gaming experiance

    -there are 8 processing cores in the cell broadband engine!! this means 3 times the power of a 360!

    -you can replace the hard drive with any laptop ata hard drive to allow more room, if your willing, 1 terabyte

    -there are so many more features i cant begin to think of them all!

  2. get the ps3 the xbox 360 is already maxed out. the ps3 still has hardware room to go and it has many amazing games coming out soon. plus it has bluray, free online play and the playstation network has so many cool things

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