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Question about XBOX Live Marketplace?


Ok, so I recently purchased an xbox. I’ve connected it to the TV. But how do I get on to xbox live? Do I have to connect the xbox to the internet? How do I do that? Or, if I want to buy a game from xbox live marketplace, do I just go on my laptop onto the website and download the game onto a disk and then put it into the xbox? Thank ya 🙂

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  1. Well you have the first part down.

    Here’s what you need:

    -You need a xboxlive gold subscription($19.99/3 months, $49.99 12 months.prepaid cards, you can find them at wal-mart. or you can use a credit card to pick a plan for XBL gold during sign up)

    -Ethernet cable(hooked up to your router or modem for internet)

    -A HDD(HarDDrive) would be highly recommended(unless you bought a 360 pro/elite)

    -Microsoft points/credit card associated with your xboxlive account to purchase games, movie, videos, game add-ons.

    Yes, it has to be connected to the internet, there’s no other way. Here’s what you do:

    -Get a ethernet cord and plug it in to the back of your 360(located near the ac cable plug-in) then plug it in to your router or modem(used for internet)

    -Then turn on your 360, then click join xboxlive and it will tell you what to do from there.

    You wouldn’t download the game to a disc, it would be downloaded to your 360.

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