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PS4 Problems (DualShock 4 Controller)


PS4 Problems (DualShock 4 Controller)

Never Buy Rubber Covers for Ps4 Controller

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  1. To me, I've owned a ps4 controller for almost 2 years now and I don't have this problem. I've avoided doing unnecessary intense motions with the joysticks because of my past with games like dragon ball z budokai where you mash the analog sticks in several directions in a small mash struggle but that destroys analogue sticks and controllers so I avoid doing that. Granted I don't play shooters but just using the analogue sticks casually, I've not had this problem at all with the wear and tear. I also don't get that clicking noise when rotating the analogue sticks as well. These are just my personal experiences with the controller

  2. I have the opposite problem. The ps4 thumb sticks are hell on my thumb tendons and i have the dual shock claw now. Seriously an uncomfortable controller. I got a ps4 for the exclusives and I'm happy for the most part due to the awesome games, but my only complaints is the shitty controller design and PSN sucking hard.

    The perfect console would be one that plays ps4 exclusives, with an xbone controller, and xbox live service.

  3. I still have my ps4 controller of my og ps4 and they still look brand new. hell my ps3 controllers that are 10 years old still have intact analog sticks, albeit getting sticky and slightly melted but still in one piece. u may have placed ur ps4 controller out in the sun and smashed it on the floor to get like that

  4. Well , i have my PS2 slim since 2006 and the console itself looks like you bought it yesterday, Dualshock is working completely fine , how someone managed to fuck this PS4 dualshock so hard….. I believe that your nails might be the problem……..

  5. the first ps4 controllers are having problem in the analog, the R1/L1 too. but a year after it release i decide to get white controller and they improve it, two years now and not a single problem happen

  6. 20 hours… the bullshit is clear as day. I have double the time of gameplay on Ds3 alone and the controller looks like the first time i took it out of the box.

  7. only my original controller started to do that non of the new ones I bought. but I just ended up ripping the rubber off of it Cuz It being peeled bothered me to much

  8. If I could use my xbox controllers on my ps4 that would be great.I do not like the ps4 controller it is not comfortable in the hand yet is a lot better than the ps3 controllers which are crap the mushroom thumb sticks suck and the controllers brake to easy.

  9. Whats Next, Cockroaches!

    yes i know cockroaches are getting into playstation 4's And I Love The Playstation

  10. Do you use your nails to move the analogs? I have had my PS4 for 2 years and a half now and it hasn't happened to my controllers… and I play a lot

  11. I went to gamestop and tried the demo PS4 open to anybody who wanted to try it and the controller was In fact peeling a little bit but not that much probably thousands of people touch that thing for hours and you only touch it for 20 hours only by one person so I love your channel but I think you were a little hardcore on this one though… love your vids though keep up the good work!! 🙂

  12. This is a dirty ass kid. I take care of my shit and it still looks new. Word of advice, clean your shit.

  13. You got a "Cheap ass" one then because I bought 3 of these, One for me, One for my brother and one for my other brother. We've been wearing the cases since we got them (Which was like 10 months ago) My brother decided to take his off, and it's perfectly fine. You don't know anything and if you got it off eBay, that explains alot.

  14. Hey guys whatsup luis the bully here who goes and calls other peoples videos retarded. But here we can see how special this little boy actually is as he jerks off over his video game controllers.

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