Home Xbox Forum need help on a decision about an XBOX 360 and telly?

need help on a decision about an XBOX 360 and telly?


the telly I am going to buy is HDMI 1440×900 pixels and was wondering what this equates to in high definition, like 720p etc. Will my 360 (when I get it) look good? ps. the telly is progressive scan

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  1. i dont know about the tv, but if you are looking at an hd gaming system go for the PS3. the price just dropped so it’s the same as the 360 and it has much better graphics, hdtv or not. the PS3 can actually do 1080p for two different screens at the same time, so it is much better. while a 360 will look good, the PS3 is a much more wise choice (unless you are really into halo).

  2. Yeah it will look awesome, that tv can run the xbox in 1080i as well, and just so you know the P in 720p stands for progressive scan, and the i in 1080i stands for interlace.but the 360 will look sweet on that rig most games for 360 run best at 720p anyway theres a few that run at 1080p but for the cost of a tv to see that its not worth it. 720p is awesome.

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