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Mass Effect 1 on PS3 – Gameplay samples


Mass Effect 1 on PS3 - Gameplay samples

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  1. Im ok with fps on consoles, but this game is terrible in shooting. Aiming is too laggy and auto aim is like no exists at all.

  2. I really haven't noticed any frame rate difference between ps3 and 360, though I haven't played 2 and 3 on the 360 so I can't say for that. But, I work with a guy who did quality assurance for bioware and he said that certain graphics on the ps3 are really pixelated but it's usually somewhere you're not going to notice (ie. ceiling) and that load times are on average about 2 seconds longer on ps3 through out the series. But nothing has stood out to me as being even noticeable in comparison.

  3. So is the framerate the same as the Xbox version? In all 3 games? I heard the performance on the 360 was better 🙁 Shame, they could of put in more time for the trilogy on the PS3 version as the GPU on the PS3 is better than the 360 because the GPU and CPU work together 😛 I dunno tho because I'm still gettin the game regardless for my PS3, its just there's so much negative output for Mass Effect for the PS3 version because of the laggy gameplay and stuff… Whats your opinion on this? plz reply

  4. So far it has been exactly the same. I have heard some people have found problems with it freezing up and long loading screens. I think the loading screens are a little bit longer but I've also noticed that the textures don't pop in as badly at the beginning of cut scenes as they did on Xbox. It still does, just not as much.

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