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Let’s Play Styx : Master of Shadows – Episode 1 – Gameplay Walkthrough


Let's Play Styx : Master of Shadows - Episode 1 - Gameplay Walkthrough


  1. Okay, I know I am almost 2.5 years late to the punch, but I have to point out: a guy who makes mini barrels for a living would be called a, wait for it….


  2. This games world reminds me so much of the "Orcs" books by Stan Nicholls. I would even go so far as to say as the original game "Of Orcs and Men" was almost a complete rip from the pages of those books.

  3. I love his voice and personality already. Looks can be deceiving. I would hang out with him even though he punch punch me in the guts and care less

  4. Enjoying your commentary. Sounds like you have played the classic Thief games, so you're a friend of mine. Hehe. All the best!

  5. Nice that i scrolled down and found this game, was considering playing this so its nice to see it first.

  6. I fucking LOVE this game. It doesn´t only have all classic stealth elements, you can also solve the (gigantic!) vertical maps in a million different ways and it´s just big fun to discover every corner with little Rakash. Styx is small and kinda weak, but that way it is for once actually necessary to avoid enemies or silently kill them, whereas in most other stealth games the main character is strong enough to simply  battle his way through. I really adore Styx´ nasty voice and his dirty humour and sarcasm, he really is a charismatic character and I feel very motivated to spend hours playing with him.

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