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Latest Xbox 360 Games You Should Not Miss


Lacking new games to put your Xbox 360 to good use? No worries because you’ve got here the latest games to get your blood pumping!

Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix

Akuma, M. Bison, Guile, Ryu, and the likes are back! This updated version comes first and foremost with new and improved graphic elements such as widescreen support and HD redrawn art. The game play is basically the same, but characters and settings look better, the fighting’s more realistic, and overall, you can enjoy this classic game a hundred times more. Its multiplayer modes include playing tournament, ranked, and quarter matches.

Prince of Persia

Yet another classic made so much better for the Xbox 360, Prince of Persia gives you an all-new prince who’s unlucky enough to witness the battle between the God of Light and its brother, the God of Darkness. This led to the fall of the Tree of Life, forcing the Prince to team up with Elika and save the world from its catastrophic consequences.

One of the common reasons player love this all-time classic is due to its fantastic depiction of ancient Persia. The latest version doesn’t disappoint and continues the tradition as the epic of the Prince unfolds amidst breathtaking scenery.

Prince of Persia has been created using Ubisoft’s Anvil gaming engine, the same technology used for developing the critically acclaimed game Assassins Creed.

NCAA 09 Basketball

Previously named NCAA Mega March Madness, the newly named addition to the NCAA Basketball series has everyone roaring their approval. Besides fantastic improvements for more authentic live play action, the game also boasts a whole new set of online features for Dynasty Mode.


Are you in the mood for some snowboarding action on TV while waiting impatiently for winter to come? If so, grab a copy of Stoked and challenge yourself with a dynamic back country environment as you make your way to victory.

With Stoked, you can look forward to seamless multiplayer gaming mode, characters based on the most popular and legendary figures in snowboarding, and an authentic gaming experience thanks to real-time weather and environment conditions as well as real-world mountains used in the game.

F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin

Finally, the long-awaited sequel to its blockbuster original, F.E.A.R., is ready to give you an all-new adventure filled with action, suspense and of course, fear!

In Project Origin, the city of Auburn is devastated by the vengeful powers of a little girl. Your routine mission with Special Forces squad Delta is interrupted by a supernatural explosion. Fight against human and natural foes as you race against time. Can you save Auburn from Alma before everything’s lost?

So what are you waiting for? Place your orders now!

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