Home Playstation Forum is the ps3 internet any good?

is the ps3 internet any good?


is the ps3 internet any good? can you do youtube and watch videos etc.? and how good is the internet? does it work through wifi or ethernet or both? and if so which is better?

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  1. The PS3 does not have an internet. You can connect your PS3 to the internet via your ISP (Internet Service Provider). The PS3 has it’s own service called the Playstation Network and it also has Playstation Home.

    The PlayStation Network, often abbreviated to PSN within the gaming community, is an online multiplayer gaming and digital media delivery service provided by Sony Computer Entertainment for use with the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable video game consoles, as well as PlayStation.com.

    Playstation Home is a community-based service for the PlayStation Network which has been in development since early 2005. Home allows users to create an avatar for their PlayStation 3 console and explore an online world. This avatar gets their own virtual apartment space (called a “HomeSpace”), which can then be adorned with clothes and accessories that users can receive in several different ways.

    Yes you can connect your PS3 either via a wired connection or wired!

  2. Yes, you can do pretty much everything now.

    Very good, it works through either, and it really doesn’t matter which.

  3. Yes its good for a console internet browser. The only thing I would suggest Sony looking into is updating the Flash Player regularly.

  4. Mainly what ever you can look up on a regular PC internet you can Look up on the PS3 internet browser. Although some websites have Flash Plug ins that don’t work on PS3 yet because it need a Adobe update which is via system update.

    You can use both WiFi and Ethernet. I use WiFi and I don’t see anything wrong with mines, except when I’m in a chat with my cousin I get kick out of PSN. People say to have it in ethernet for a more stable connection. But if you don’t have access to ethernet where your system is at, I recommend WiFi

  5. PS3 internet – it’s great for a games console.

    You can watch YouTube videos and more.

    Internet is great especially if you have a USB mouse + keyboard.

    It works for both WiFi and Ethernet.

    I use WiFi but I’m told that Ethernet is better because it gives you a stronger connection.

  6. it’s good not better than a computer’s internet but still good, you have youtube, pretty much everything except you can’t play games like miniclip.com if you know what i’m sayin

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