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Is little big planet making my ps3 slow?


so i got a ps3 with lbp, and i installed the updates for the ps3 then i installed the software of lbp, 600mb it took a very long time, then the game started, and i noticed that the music wasnt playing good, it was as if it was a scratched disc, that also happens with the vid, it freezes at some points, i tried with mw2 and black ops, but they run cool.

plus when i play lbp the hdd led indicator is always on

what should i do?

thanks alot!

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  1. Sounds to me that you LBP disc wasn’t pressed correctly. I would take it back to where you got it from, exchange it, and go home. Once home, delete everything LBP on your PS, and try again.

    Also, from the sounds of it, you did update to the latest PS OS, which is good, but if you are not at the latest, I think it is something like 3.55 or so, download it from the PS website, and install it via flash drive.

    If after the exchange and all the steps I have suggested have taken place, and the game is still failing to play properly, I would contact the manufacture of said game, maybe they have a patch in the works or something, or some other recommendations that may work better, who knows.

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