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if i go to gamecrazy, will they let me trade in my motorstorm game that came with my PS3? and how much cash?


if i can trade it in, how much money will they give me? will it be enough to get call of duty 4? if i cant can i do that at gamestop? also if i dont like a game i buy can i just return it to one of those stores that i bought it from even though i played it?

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  1. You won’t get much at all for it I am afraid $5-$10, certainly not enough to buy CoD4.

    Most (I don’t know of any) retailers will not accept returned games if they have been opened, and some won’t even then (except to exchange a damaged game for the same title).

    You will often find that PS3 games are available as a demo (through the PSN online store) so you can try them and then decide if you want to buy or not.

  2. I just came across a site that sends you a Playstation 3 for free! I’m ordering mine right now.

  3. MotorStorm sells for about £8 on eBay (plus P&P).

    I do not think a trade in price will be more than £8.

    Better to either sell on eBay or keep it.

    Trade in prices are rubbish, so that the retailers can sell on the games for a profit!

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