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Gamestop isn’t happy about Microsoft & Sony giving away so many games to gamers. They’re also scared
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Sony and Microsoft are giving you games, and GameStop isn’t happy: http://www.polygon.com/2014/11/21/7265337/sony-and-microsoft-are-giving-you-games-and-gamestop-isnt-happy

Gamestop PISSED at PS4 & Xbox One Deals

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  1. This video reminds me of the pre order bonus videos you did. Used to love those when you talked about all the niche NIS, Atlus etc etc stuff

  2. wow dude I was recommended this video, but I'm shocked you comment almost each person who wrote to you. must have good subs in order to do so. great video btw

  3. Black Friday sucked I got a good deal on a Christmas tress  and I missed Lerry flyent I wanted him to sigh my movie dam the protesters but I understand

  4. Hay I just picked up Mega man legacy collection and I was trying hyrule worriers for a cheap price but its was sill 40$ also I'm looking to get rid of my 5 Xbox controller and sage and PlayStation 2 game. PS love the pick ups

  5. I was at Fred Meyer Thanksgiving morning and they had 1 black and 2 white ones of the New Mario 3ds systems. Probably will regret not picking one up.

  6. I was a little irritated with GameStop since I was there on either Tuesday or Wednesday and bought 2 games Odin Sphere for the Vita and Muramusa for the Wii and they made no mention of the buy 2 get 1 free promotion :(. I went back on Friday and bought a huge stack of games. Had I known about how the promo earlier I would of done my shopping spree then and avoided the Black Friday crowds.

  7. This Black Friday I browsed Gamestop's used DS games picked up quite a few good gems for prices that even if I get them loose would be a steal: The Wizard of Oz: Beyond the Yellow Brick Road, Nanostray 1, Dementium the ward, C.O.R.E.,Little Red Riding Hood Zombie Barbeque, Aliens infestation all of that for less than $38. Honestly Gamestop is a shitty corporation so I didn't feel bad for great deals.

  8. The only game I got from GameStop this year was dying light enhancement edition the rest of my games I got from best buy and target

  9. having digital is dangerous to me because if someone steals your ps4 they have all your games now.

  10. gamestop need to chill they will still sell because people like preorders and like hard copies. I love hard copies and collectors edition art books soundtracks.

  11. tough shit gamestop its Sony and MS shhit they can bundle how they please. They are the reason shitstop exsists

  12. That what pisses me off at my eb games I wanted to sell my 360 with all my games a 500gb hard drive and a remote because I want a Xbox one still have the 360 because hey I'll give u 70 dollars for it

  13. I buy from the xbox marketplace place as does my best friend across the country and with game share we each get to play what the other buys.

  14. if I ever have to turn game into game stop I'll find the same game their selling used and tell them that's how much I'm going to get for the game or they don't get the game.

  15. gamestop sucks. im a playstation fan an i heardnon guy lie an say mgs4 was gonna come out on xbox 360 an others workers try to get me 3 times to change a preorder. im sooo happy i buy all my games on download. if i wanted the xbox verison i would have preorder it but also why would i want ff13 on 3 dics when the ps3 was on one?

  16. I like physical and digital. Some of my games are digital some are not. I don't really care

  17. i dont know what 60$ games u trade guys in for 9$ but on my pokemon alpha sapphire i got 18$ back on that alone and put that for a new fallout 4 game i like owning phisical copies of games aswell because for some reason im always afraid of digital games somehow getting corrupted.

  18. Digital as opposed to what, guys?? You acquired it 'online' Not digitally. When you buy a game that is on on a Blu-ray or DVD disc, I can assure you..that content is also digital!

  19. GameStop is irrelevant now. Honestly they give you shit deals on games and they to scam you if you want to do trade ins. We all just need to buy the games digitally. If you want to "try" a game just use redbox. Then you can buy it digitally. It's easier. And in the end it will cost you $1 extra instead of much much more.

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