Home Videos Gameplay for Every Free PlayStation Plus Game (May 2017)

Gameplay for Every Free PlayStation Plus Game (May 2017)


Check out a short snippet of gameplay for every free PlayStation Plus game for the month of May.

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Gameplay for Every Free PlayStation Plus Game (May 2017)


  1. wow Abzu already? Nice. Looking forward to that and maybe even Type:Rider. Played Tales From The Borderlands already. Great game and genuinely funny. Best Telltale game imo

  2. All These games are trash. They just need to release Playstation All Star Battle Royale

  3. I have bought ONE telltale game in my life and that's the one they choose to put up -_-

  4. kind of wish I didn't waste money on tales of borderlands, but whatever at least I finally get to play anzu

  5. I already have Tales From The Borderlands. It's an excellent game. Blood Knights and Port Royale looks interesting.

  6. in my country there isnt abzu for plus there is alienation and i think its bad . i want abzu 🙁 (btw sorry for my bad english)

  7. actually great games for once,abzu and tales of the borderlands, I've been wanting to get it for ages!

  8. It's been really long since they offered any good games with PS+. Thank god the streak has ended.

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