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Fastest Way to Max Skill Points Dynasty Warriors 7 PS3


Fastest Way to Max Skill Points  Dynasty Warriors 7 PS3


  1. what both players get the skill points? that's it i'm borrowing a controller off a mate ive been doing this solo and its taking forever with the skill points.

  2. I maxed all my bonds today. Now I gotta farm an ungodly amount of skill points so I can unlock voice galleries then get the last 3 trophies.

  3. it eventually showed up cause i thought there is 101% i continued and suddely a trophy came .. weapon collector
    now im playing conflict at guandu to max out shu officers
    and also 4000 ko's left to 100000 kills
    but is there a easy way to collect fame quickly cause i have 749452 fame and need 1 million ..
    like playing choas for xu huang second legend battle .. might be helpful but if you have a better and easier way tell me.

  4. @3alawi18 ya the choices randomize, so the answer will eventually become A and as u spam x u eventually get it right lol

  5. @YucheeEL
    didnt understand .. u mean i just press the first choice .. and all the questions will be right ..
    or it doesnt have to be right .. cause if i dont have to answer them right .. that means i have wasted half of my life searching for the right answers . lol. XD

  6. @3alawi18 yes, a easy method is just press X for half an hours and ur should have all teh questions answered by then, once u answer correctly the question does not appear again

  7. @YucheeEL
    thanx alot >> you helped me with all my journey XD
    i got those two officers by playing around 15-30 stages to find a stage with those two officers and increase my bonds and then they finally appeared at the cities ..
    afterthat .. i maxed all my bonds with wu officers by using ur altenative method..
    so thanx again ..
    all i have left is the scholar question ..
    do you know a easier method to answer the question without searching for the answers ..

  8. i figured out which weapon im missing the silver swallow twin swords ..
    i earn it when i complete all scholar questions

  9. @YucheeEL
    i have completed the conquest mode ..
    the things i have not completed are ..
    all officers max bond .. scholar questions .. sworn ally
    accually i have a problem with sworn ally .. i have two officers left .. cause they are not showing up in the cities

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