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DOOM Review! (PS4/Xbox One)


DOOM Review! (PS4/Xbox One)


  1. don't listen to these fucks. I love your channel and the way you talk is awesome. keep up the good work man

  2. thanks for this review.. it was direct and to the point. you highlighted the best bits and mentioned the downsides too. im going now to buy this game! thanks!

  3. I'm sorry, but I couldn't stand more than 1:09 : / The way you 'end' most of your sentences by holding the note/sound as you phase out its volume/power into what reminds me of a cross between a drugged up Christopher Walken and a constipated valley girl, in a distractingly bad way. But it might just be me though. Honestly the most annoying thing I've encountered so far in life when it comes to speech. Sorry bud. I am only pointing this out due to the fact that I would want to know myself if I were to speak that way. Any vocal coach can quickly help you with it.

  4. If you could combine Halo's story depth with Doom's insane weapons you'd have the unicorn of sci fi shooters…

  5. Your information is awesome, but fuck I'm loosing my mind listening to you talk. "Blah blah blah blah blaaaaaah." "Bla bl blah blah blaaaaaaah." Just talk like a normal person, Christ.

  6. Got this game about a month ago and only played it 3 times lol. Played campaign once and multiplayer twice. Bare in mind, I was actually really hyped for this game having played DOOM as a kid, I was disappointed imo but at the same time it's not a bad game it's just I'm not interested atm

  7. There is nothing next gen about this dull ass looking screen tearing game. graphics suck what's going on are all ps4 games gonna look like this or cause game developers don't give a shit anymore.

  8. I pretty much have to disagree about the platforming.  Then again I'm not convinced you even played this before reviewing it because you said that all bullets are the same and even playing level one teaches you they aren't.  Hunting all the secrets as always been a part of DooM, and I found that part to be as evolved as the rest of the game.  I thought all of it was great and the secrets are not just your usual secrets they take some real exploring to find.  I guess when some people are required to engage their brain and stop with the point and click for a few it reminds them of hopscotch somehow?  How does that even make sense?  Hopscotch isn't even vertical!  You said in the comments that Overwatch's multiplayer is 50X better but you sounded pretty pleased with DooM's multiplayer in your review so what did you mean by that?  I bought my PS4 so I could play this and am not in any way disappointed.  I think this will actually be a system seller.   Your review lacks substance, accuracy and for love of god man inflection works both ways, using the same inflection with every sentence is even more annoying than a monotone.

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