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Devil May Cry HD Collection – Video Review


Devil May Cry HD Collection - Video Review


  1. I try to move the character with the left analog stick on PS3 and it keeps clicking to the items or the map when it should be the directionals doing that. PS the directional buttons do work for the maps and items but for some reason the analog stick is connected to it too

  2. You can get this collection in the Humble Bundle for $15, you'll also receive 12 other games, like Okami, Remember Me, Resident Evil HD Remastered, and more.

  3. dmc2 is my favorite actually, i like the modern day look and the boss are really cool, plus i like Dante new animations

  4. really 7.5 for 3 games remastered, and the camera, the problem here IGN, is that you dont know how the camera work and also how to use it, no but games like call of duty, or minecraft had a perfect average. how shame

  5. Lol you get 3 games with great storylines and great game play and yet you give this 7.5? it's not surprising that Cod Ghost gets 8.8 and COD AW get 9.0 while good games like this get 7.5.

  6. Why can't these games get a complete HD Remake instead of games that are barely a year old?

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