Home Playstation Forum Can you save your ps2 games to your ps3 memory?

Can you save your ps2 games to your ps3 memory?


For example, if you just started a ps2 game on a ps3 console can you save it on the console.
What kind of memory type should i choose.

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  1. Yes but b4 u play any ps2 game on ps3, u have to make a “internal” ps2 memory card on ps3’s hard drive, to to that go on the game menu and scroll up, then select memory card utility, then select new memory card, then choose what memory type u want, then assign that virtual memory card to slot 1 or 2.

    edit: if its ps2 games u wana save, then choose internal memory card(ps2).

  2. Yes you can save Playstation 1 and 2 games on the Playstation 3. If you want to transfer your games that you saved on with the Playstation 2 you need to get a Playstaion 3 memory card adpator. I am a retailer and I do sell them if you have a Playstation 3. You can buy this along with the PS3 game, system, accessories on my website on my catalog at [url is not allowed]

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