Home Xbox Forum can u connect your xbox 360 to your laptop via a wire?

can u connect your xbox 360 to your laptop via a wire?


if so what wire? and what can you do with it. my problem is that tversity isnt always found on my xbox360 and its getting annoying. sometimes it works sometimes it doesnt. mostly it doesnt. if i connect it with a wire, can i use tversity?

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  1. Yes in a few simple steps.You dont event need to bridge your connection.Do the following.

    1. Plug ethernet cable from XBOX into laptop. Then click Start–>Control Panel

    2. Network and Sharing Center–>Manage Wireless Networks

    3. Adapter Properties–>Click the “Sharing” tab

    4. Check both boxes and click Ok.

    Be sure to do this while your XBOX is powered OFF.

  2. Ethernet cable, and yes, i use a laptop connection myself

    You may be able to bridge connections between your local and network connections, that’s what I do

    If you want to try bridging them, bring up your connections, select both and right-click and select bridge connections

  3. Ok, a good way to resolve this problem is to use a router. Connect both the laptop and the Xbox to the router via ethernet, and TVersity should work just fine.

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