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Can someone tell me why this PS2 is selling for $3500+ on Ebay?


When there are similar bundles below it selling for $100?. I meant the top listing. It can’t just be because it’s the first listing – can anybody tell me why?

[url is not allowed].
The above link is for all PS2 listings.

This one is for the auction I’m asking about.

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  1. If you look at the bidding history, you’ll see the bids are from the same couple screen names, none of which have good feedback ratings. It’s either a bidder scam or a seller scam (seller bidding on own item). I think it’s probably scam bidding, since the seller has such a good rating.

  2. could be a guy with multiple accounts bidding on his own item, to make people wanna bid on it, to make it seem better than it is. there was on person on yahoo answers selling a PS2, and they had forgotten that they were giving out their xbox live sn.so they came in talking about how good of a deal this PS2 on eBay was, and was wondering if they should bet on it.so i check it out, and guess who the seller was?

    people are just stupid like that. trying to build up hype for stuff they’re selling.

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