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Best Controls for CS:GO?


So about a Day or 2, I recently got Counter-Strike: Global Offensive for XBLA and the controls. THE CONTROLS! there horrible. I mean like L4D2 didn’t have controls this bad. Anyway i used to play CSS and I was used to the PC. Since i have a bad computer to run CS:GO, i just got the Xbox Version. Anyway the point is do you know the best control layout for this game. thnks

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  1. What you should do is go to options and remap all of the controlls to what you are comfortable with I use cod controlls because that is my favorite, make sure that you don’t forget the “use” button if you forget that then it gets really confusing. To remap the controlls go to options and where it shows you the buttons that correspond to what you want press A and the desired button, then viola! Cod controlls “or your personal preference”!

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