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any good xbox 360 games out?



  1. There’s FarCry 3. That’s awesome. Skyrim has downloadable content, Tomb Raiders good. Depends on the type of game you’re into.

  2. tomb raider is good but once you’ve beaten the SP campaign there’s really not much else to do, so if you can either rent that one or buy a used copy for 1/2 the price

  3. well i’m mostly an fps guy but it really depends on what type of games that you are into. for me though i mostly play CoD (its not the worst game ever), halo (any one they are all great), Crisis 3 (Great game although not a whole ton of people bought it), Tom Clancy’s future soldier. I also would recommend buying Forza horizon and/or F1 2012 (The next one is supposed to be F1 2014 but for the next gen consoles).

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