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Agatha Christie: The ABC Murders Review


Agatha Christie: The ABC Murders Review

Agatha Christie The ABC Murders Review (Game) on PS4 by Jamal Khan.

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Agatha Christie - The ABC Murders Review

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  1. The game is for 15 USD… i dont think it ever was for 20 USD… so that mention in your review is wrong…?

  2. I think its awesome that you actually have metrics for how you review a game. I've never known any other reviewer to do that and I've always thought thats how I would review something.

  3. It's pretty sad people don't know who Poirot is. Anyone who enjoys detective stories should read the books they are great. Also Poirot's method was based on psychology or the "why" of human behavior, unlike Sherlock who focused on deductive reasoning. That makes them biting the Sherlock games even weirder.

  4. Dude, the question is if this game is interesting and true to Christie's genius. The presentation would deserve a few sentences for sure, but you're hating on this thing all the way through. Sound like a movie critic from rotten tomatoes to me!

  5. I live and have lived in Rochester New York my whole life, so I was kind of excited upon hearing about this game. but the second I looked into it, I knew it would be poo.

    just like everything else that comes out of this city lol

  6. …Bit heartbreaking, tbh. Usually you have to be really forgiving with the games like these, which I was ready for because… Well, Poirot, but… After this one I think I'm better off just getting the soundtrack of the game, sadly. Meh, here's for a actually good Poirot game in the near(?) future. I hope. Cheers.

  7. Small correction: It's actually $30 USD.

    I'm honestly disappointed in how this game turned out. I'm a fan of Poirot, and this just didn't live up to my expectations. Maybe I felt that way because it's geared more towards my mom than towards someone who plays games more often than not, if you catch my drift.

  8. oh yeah ofc ur hometown would b in the game, sure it is, my hometown is in the game too

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