Home Playstation Games 【Hatsune Miku】 Project DIVA 「Dreamy Theater 2nd」 Official Trailer PSP/PS3

【Hatsune Miku】 Project DIVA 「Dreamy Theater 2nd」 Official Trailer PSP/PS3


【Hatsune Miku】 Project DIVA 「Dreamy Theater 2nd」 Official Trailer PSP/PS3


  1. guys how can ı download ı have only psp 🙁 but ı cant buy ths to and ı want how can ı download ?? PLZZZZ

  2. Can someone gameshare it with me? 🙁
    I wanted to get that game for my bday,but I couldn't ;(

  3. question i have PDE on my PS vita can i still play this on my PS3 or no? cause i really wanna buy the whole series for my PS3 next week D:

  4. Find a save file that has a 100% on psp a psp with 6.60 pro b9 or higher and the fix pack and there you go you only have to ask someone to let u use the psp onc

  5. Srry for spam, i'm very desperate about this game, if anyone has it and if he/she wants to gameshare 6 games for this game :I Reply my message :I Please, someone 🙂

  6. So you need the full game Project Diva 2nd? A card to get Project Diva Dreamy Theater….THAN you can finally play it? Since I only have the demo of Project Diva 2..

  7. @TheAnimelover40 lol well I could trade Dreamy Theater 2nd with you. You know like I gameshare Dreamy Theater 2nd with you but I want something back xD Right now I'm only accepting:
    -Project Diva 2nd DLCs
    -Marvel vs Capcom 3 (Full Game)
    -Call of Duty Map Packs.

    If you have any of those 3 things I can trade you Dreamy Theater 2nd for one of those options…

  8. @MaterialKarla Yeah, it's a rip, but I would definetly buy a ps3 and psp just to play this. If I had money that is ^___^"

  9. aww I dunno japanese poor meT.Tcant they just make a eng version and release them togetherT.T

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