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Why is my ps3 doing this?


Ok well i have the very first ps3 that ever came out. And i just recently got a wireless router so i can play online. Well when i try to hook it up to the internet the only option it gives me is a wired connection. I dont need a wired connection i want a wireless one. I have a wireless connection through my house.

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  1. Why does it matter? If you can play online that all that really matters.

    One thing is that you have to switch the internet connection by doing a internet connection test thing.

  2. All PS3 models have built in wifi except for the 20g model released in November of 2006.sounds like you have a 20g model. Your only option would be to run a wire to it.

    What is the model number on the back of the PS3?

    If it starts out with CECHB then it is a 20g model and if it doesn’t then it should have built in wifi.

  3. S is there even a 20 gb model i thought the lowest one they ever sold was 40, anyway just get a slim i upgraded to one yesterday and love it

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