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Trade-in or Sell Used Games [Gamestop VS Ebay Experiment RESULTS]


Trade-in or Sell Used Games [Gamestop VS Ebay Experiment RESULTS]


  1. how much will gamestop give me if i sell: PS4 with cables, Controller, Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare Legacy Edition, Black Ops 3, Battlefield 4, and GTA 5?

  2. While you're at it, you should buy your next gen console online too. Last I saw they were selling Xbox ones for as low as $150! I laugh at the idiots who bought it for $500 upon release lol talk about getting fisted

  3. game stop have me 130$ for my games which I had 50 games and the have me 78$ for my xbox360 8.50 for each of my controllers and wires and stuff

  4. Am i the only one who gained profit ($100) for selling my ps3 because my friend gave it to me?

  5. I'm selling ma jailbreak ps3 for 140$ Amazon or Ebay gift card n I'll show proof of ma jailbreak ps3 n it come with mod menu for some games if u wana buy it hmu on

  6. Xbox 360 is not bieng made anymore so I would hang on to them and sell them later and get twice the money because of the rarity

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