Home Videos Top 25 AWESOME And NEW PS4 Exclusive Games of 2017 And Beyond

Top 25 AWESOME And NEW PS4 Exclusive Games of 2017 And Beyond


Top 25 AWESOME And NEW PS4 Exclusive Games of 2017 And Beyond

What are YOUR favorite PS4 Exclusive Titles? These are some of mine.

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Fall To Light (NCS Release)

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Top 10 PS4 Exclusive Games | 2017


  1. Days Gone looks like good garbage. The videos ive seen show a repetitive swarm of zombies rushing you constantly and its like you have unlimited supply of ammo to cut them down. Unlike Dying Light which I only played a few hours of and it seems rather promising (yes i know its not an exclusive, i played it on pc but my system cant handle it unfortunately)

  2. most of this games are not ps4 exclusive, should be changed in the next videos with timed exclusive

  3. Tales of Berseria is amazing!! I just started playing when it came out! Actually my first Tales Game and wont be my last! Love the amazing Story =)

  4. Top PS4 games
    God of War
    Horizon Zero Dawn
    Final Fantasy 7
    Persona 5
    Detroit Become Human
    Last of us

  5. Most of the games on this lista aren't really ps4 exclusives, so please make the appropriate corrections

  6. lol i see a few people are not so interested in the list. completely forgot that 99% of the games we play these days are just updated versions of games we've always been playing lol. stupid gamers, ill take a few hack & slash games over a FPS any day. welcome to the new standard of gaming.

  7. I'm switching to PS4 This Friday here to see the good games out right now I'm getting the Uncharted 4 bundle

  8. i think you should update this list often, as new exclusive games for PS4 are coming like Nier Automata and Horizon Zero Dawn

  9. Great video! You deserve tens of thousands more subscribers, sir.

    Quick question: Does one need to have played the previous 3 Uncharted to enjoy Uncharted 4?

  10. THE REAL LIST (no remasters):
    5. Infamous second son
    4. Ratchet & Clank
    3. Horizon: zero dawn
    2. Uncharted 4
    1. Bloodborne

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