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Tony Hawk’s Proving Ground (PS3/Xbox 360) Re-Visited


Tony Hawk's Proving Ground (PS3/Xbox 360) Re-Visited


  1. well so far the first 3:14 seconds has just been you picking apart this game and complaining so im gonna leave it here with a dislike and will not be proceeding past 3:14

  2. i hate the way you are playing this game man… too much unrealistic flippy flippy nonsense .. tone it down a bit with the crazy hippidy-hoppidy combos man. The game play is cool n better than THPS 5 i can tell… but u making it look all glitchy the way you playing.

  3. Worst part for me? NO FREE SKATE WITH THE CHARACTER ROSTER. You unlock all these cool characters you can't use outside of the "Classic" mode. Awful.

  4. I've played every TH game to hell and back and this by far was the worst. Had it come out as the sequel to THUG2 it would have been 10/10. By the time it rolled out tho it just had nothing going for it (except maybe aggro kick/push, which should have been around MUCH earlier.) I felt the levels were just so damn bland, like not TH cliche where everything is a skatepark piece which is strange but functional. They tried to go after realism in a game that hasn't really been since THPS3. And where the hell were all the tricks and techniques? Anyway Lame way to end an amazing series. Yes this is the end of the series, THPS5 DOES NOT COUNT!

  5. I'm watching this in my office at work, right by Baltimore's Inner Harbor, and it's so cool seeing Baltimore landmarks in a Tony Hawk game. I just wish it was a better game!

  6. So I got this game almost a month ago, I love the game.

    And yes, there are new features.
    -Nail The Grab
    -Nail The Manual
    -Skate Checking
    -Agro Kick
    -Bowl Skating
    -City Moding

    The open world is also pretty nice to skate in, there are tons of lines that you can easily rack up 1,000,000 points.

    The soundtrack is also pretty kick ass, however it doesn't beat American Wasteland's.

    I agree with the thugs though, they're pretty annoying, they should have disappeared after you beat cam.

    The main complaints this game gets can all easily be fixed.
    – "The game is too dark and boring"
    Go to options, display options, then turn the brightness upto 7.
    – "The camera angle sucks, and is really annoying!"
    Go to options, display options, then change the camera view to classic, or standard.
    – "The balance meter sucks!"
    It's fine, works well, stop your complaining.

    Over all, it isn't that bad, I personally think you were being a bit too harsh on this game.

  7. As someone from Washington (Not DC.) the weather is often like it is in this game and that's part of why I like this game.

  8. Once my sister had this weird ass glitch on this game where the thugs literally walked out of the walls and they didn't disappear when you hit them. This actually happened. Not joking you.

  9. The game wasn't really bad by any stretch of the imagination, but it was just boring. The entire game felt bland and uninspired, the story didn't really tell us anything at all, and the game world felt like it was made to look good before they actually thought about how it would play in the end, with lots of obstructing walls and lines that just abruptly end, it just doesn't come close to how well the levels in say, THPS4, were designed.

    The soundtrack was quite good however, the game looked pretty nice, the ragdoll physics are probably the most realistic I've seen in a game, and the gameplay remained just as solid as before, although it felt slightly more "floaty" and flaccid.

    So, in the end, the game isn't bad, but also isn't that great either. It's just sooo painfully mediocre. I've only ever finished the game once, compared to the 20 something times I've replayed the other games.

  10. Pro Skater 5 would of been so much better if they used Proving Ground's gameplay engine instead. It had the most realistic animation & gameplay that Neversoft ever created.

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