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Sniper Elite 4 Review (Xbox One)


Sniper Elite 4 Review (Xbox One)


  1. Sniper Elite 4, good game if you really love tactical stealth games that are unforgiving in terms of if you get spotted by the enemy. Not a game for everybody, but mechanically sound.

  2. i actually get headaches with this game because of the terrible stuttering it suffers.absolutely unacceptable

  3. Hi great review. is the screen tearing noticeable? does it make the game unplayable? thinking about buying it. thanks

  4. XBOXONE got destroyed with this game, lol is Microsoft fault for it, they should of released an adapter USB3.0 for the console to upgrade it, and they should of also done a Hybrid Checkerboarding to allow the 30FPS games into 60 FPS easily.
    Sniper Elite should of been done in 900p at lock 60 would of been perfect.

  5. Lol Crap chose to review this strategy game instead of Halo Wars 2 because the latter flopped and received multiple 6/10s.

  6. i dont recomend it. It has crappy AI which is really dumb and does not make game difficult at all even on the hardest settings

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