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PS4 from Amazon India


PS4 from Amazon India


  1. abbey iPhone aur dusri sijhe v China mein v beanate hai,India main kuch sije benate hai par savi nahi,ye China ka hai par original hai,China mein cheap sije v benate hai Jo dusro desh mei beach te hai

  2. hello bro am planning to buy an playstation 4 but I am confused which PlayStation should I buy PS4 or PS4 Slim Please help me to choose

  3. Hi. would you mention some shops of Delhi where I can buy new PS4 pro at low price? .. in Amazon the cost of PS4 pro is 41K. ☺

  4. really… come on ur wife order this shit for you seriously…no fckin way ….btw nice informent vid

  5. i never wanted to marry.but now i wish that i too get a wife who gifts me gaming consoles.you are so lucky man!

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