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Need help guys!? ps3 xbox 360?


Hi guys.

I already have a xbox slim, i want to buy a ps3 slim. As always i was surfing the net and came across PS3 SUPER SLIM! Wtf? I saw the pictures! Not anything new.

Well what should i get, ps3 slim or super slim.

Thank you

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  1. Hwy dont listen to the guy above me! Ps3 super slim is also available on playstation’s official website. check it out and if possible get the ac 3 bundle

    [url is not allowed]

    And how come u r sayin nothing new , it has totally changed. 20 percent lighter and 25 percent smaller!

  2. ps3 slim is currently available

    ps3 super slim is not avaailable yet and it may be a lttle bit cheaper

  3. I have never heard of PS3 Super Slim but it will probably be the 4000 series which are only a rumor and no official news is out for it yet, It’s supposed to be slimmer and there’s only a proof of three pictures, which look to have the same width as before.

    EDIT: It’s probably official, but you’d have to wait a lot. I’d recommend you to buy the current slim version because it’s prices have down a bit.

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