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Need For Speed - Review


  1. Bought the game recently…Man what a blast! Seriously addicting to tune your car bit by bit. And like most people will agree…its much more fun to pimp your low end ride instead of buying an exspensive exotic. Graphics top notch, gameplay seriously fun, Tons of tuning options, corny story with real people/ hipster racers actually far more enjoyable than computer animated stories. To me it's the best NFS since the original Most Wanted. Combined with the vibe of Nfs underground. An absolute must have for people that like racegames and especially an absolute must have for Nfs fans. They finally hit a homerun again. 9+ for sure

  2. gamespot = better rating than ign. ign just starts the video and just ends it with low rating.

  3. What a GREAT review. Buying now online. Always loved the franchise. Would you vote this over Horizon?

  4. personally I prefer the 'Toilet Racer' version on my iPhone. I'm addicted to Need for Speed No Limits and long hours on the bog. The console version is just lacking ideas… the road texture is just copied and pasted amongst the scenery. we have pot holes in all parts of the world not just the uk!

  5. So another words there is no story mode aside from the internet incase your internet goes down??? SMH…

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