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My Ps3 control won’t work help?


My control wouldn’t stop vibrating so I turn of my ps3. When I turn on my control it turns on fine but when I push buttons it doesn’t work exept the P button and the left analog. I already try the rest start button and charging but it doesn’t work.
its charged.

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  1. what CHORIZO said.

    edit: just saw the ‘ it’s charged ‘ note

    then the only solution is to either try to get it replaced from the manufacturer or buy a new one.

    Otherwise you are attached to another object by an inclined plane, wrapped helically around an axis.

  2. you may want to try letting it die. otherwise just take it back to wherever you bought it, if it was used then they will replace it or maybe give your money back, but most likely will only give you credit. Good luck hope this helps. if nothing else complain to SONY

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