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Kona Game PC Review (Full Release)


Kona Game PC Review (Full Release)

Kona | Announcement Trailer | PS4


  1. Very nice review. I'm itching to buy this, but budget's tight and now you've made me even ore on the fence lol

  2. Great review. Though I think you are being greedy here. I mean a critic can only influence me once. Process goes like this: 1)I see game name I might be interested. 2) I youtube search the game name and review watch couple of the short ones. 3)I buy or not buy the game. I rarely go back If I choose to not buy the game. I have more money than sense I guess but it's also that there is so much good shit coming out. I am currently just finished withcher 3 still to do 2 expansions. I am also playing dishonored 2, Yakuza Zero and Nier automata all of those great games. Awsome stories.

  3. Love the review! I was also wondering whether or not to try this game. I am from Quebec and I was going to buy it just for that but you gave me more reasons to do so! Good Job Jake, keep up the Great work!

  4. good review, and perfect timing for me as i just find about this game today and was wondering about pulling the trigger

  5. ive already seen most of the game on youtube but i could imagine myself playing it on my computer but its only an i3 8 gigabyte ram computer so it cant run it

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