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Iam having the three red lights flashing on the front of my xbox problem is there any way to fix it?


It is the three red lights flashing with the upper right quadrant not lit.and also sometimes it will let me hear my xbox on the t.v. but not see it and it is all properly hooked up.

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  1. No, u can’t fix this. It’s commonly known amongst gamers as the “ring of death”. If your xbox is under a year old u can get another with ur warranty. Otherwise, u have to buy a new one.

    good luck anyway

  2. You have the ring of death problem. It’s really common. Go to http://www.xbox.com and click on support. Fill out all the forms and register your xbox and they will send you a cardboard box to ship the xbox back to them with. Once you send it in they will fix it or send you a brand new xbox free of charge. Hurry though this warranty is only good for another few months.

  3. that makes me so mad, you might have gotten 1 out of every 3 defects. I wish xbox had all there flaws fixed before they put the 360 into the market. I would pick up a ps3 and get rid of it. Sorry.

  4. The three flashing red lights (upper right not lit) may indicate that your Xbox 360 console has experienced a hardware failure. I’ve recieved these rings of “death” within days of purchasing a brand new console so it doesn’t nescessary mean its your fault. When did you purchase your system and from where?

    Recently MS put out a 3 year warranty for the ring of death. Also if you purchased it at gamestop, and got a product replacement plan then you should be able to just swap it, if not contact MS if you are under warranty they will fix it for free (you ship to them) and if it’s not then they will still fix it but it will cost you.

    Four usually means a power failure or cables not connected correctly.

    This is the statement from the website I was given when I recieved my rings of death, if this doesn’t work CALL MS! :o) GOOD LUCK HOPE YOUR 360 is up and running soon.

    *below is from MS*

    If you suspect that you are experiencing this issue, you can submit a console-repair request online. However, before you submit your request, we ask that you first try the following two steps to verify that you are indeed experiencing this issue: 1. When you turn on the console, examine the light on the power supply. The power supply light should illuminate green even if the three lights on the Ring of Light flash red. If the power supply light is not green, please follow the steps that are listed in the following Microsoft Knowledge Base articles:

    906101 ([url is not allowed]) Xbox 360: The power supply light is red

    906102 ([url is not allowed]) Xbox 360: The power supply light is orange

    906103 ([url is not allowed]) Xbox 360: The power supply light is not illuminated

    2. Turn off the console. Wait 10 seconds, and then turn on the console again to see whether the symptom occurs again.

    If your console continues to display the three flashing red lights, your console may have to be repaired. For information about how to start the repair process online, please visit [url is not allowed] ([url is not allowed]), and then click Console Repair? in the upper-right section of the Web page.

    Note The online console repair service is currently not available in all countries or regions.

    If you would rather contact Xbox Customer Support directly, please visit [url is not allowed] ([url is not allowed]) for information about how to do this.

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  5. This is called “THE RING OF DEATH” you can find people that will fix it on craigslist or you can go to a Internet cafe and if the owner knows what he is doing he can fix it, afterall is a microsoft based gaming system

  6. I had the red rings and though my xbox was screwed but it wasn’t. all i had to do was remove my hard drive. turn the console on, turn it back off and put the hard drive back on. try that and if it doesn’t work i would call xbox.

  7. I have had this happen before when I had my 360. The cables on the back of the system were not plugged in all the way so check to see if this is whats wrong. If this did not help contact Microsoft because you have the red ring of death (cannot fix).

    Assistance by phone seven days a week.


    International (direct dial to U.S.): 425-635-7180

    Hearing Impaired (TDD device): 1-866-740-9269 or 425-635-7102

    Hours of operation (every day):

    9:00 A.M. to 1:00 A.M. Eastern Time

    6:00 A.M. to 10:00 P.M. Pacific Time

  8. Look on ebay for the kit that has the new screws for the heat syncs you will need to take your xbox apart but it is worth it i too got the red ring of death and mine works now

  9. You have the 3 red lights of death. You fix this by calling 1 – 800 – 4myxbox. They will try some quick fixes which probably won’t work and then tell you they are sending a box to pick it up. You put it in the box and send it back to them. Wait 3 weeks after you sent it and it should come back good as new.

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