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I think I broke my PS3?


My TV was off, and I didn’t realise my ps3 was on doing a system download. I turned it off. Later I realised what I had done. It seems fine, apart from some games have bad framerate. (I only have one game, all others I sold before I checked them out on my ps3. But this game is GTA4 stories of liberty city. it has a pretty bad framerate. Did I brake my ps3? If so, is there any way I can get another? It’s a slim 250g if that helps.

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  1. did you try to perform the system update download a second time, if so, try installing a new game, (either rented or a buddy’s) see if it does the same thing. GTA4 always had issues on mine as well, but it was a lot of info, even for a ps3, to keep up with. hope nothings broken. peace.

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