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Green Lantern: Rise of the Manhunters Video Review


Green Lantern: Rise of the Manhunters Video Review


  1. i really like this game but the game is really repetitive but the thing i like most is the weapons they are really awesome and the shooting has really good action and the graphics are for a green lantern game

  2. Hi Greg. Thanks for the review. Just wanted to drop in a say that Hitler was a child molester and that his true intentions was to rid of the Jews because they had better hair than him.

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  3. This game is not worth it! I spent $12 on it and I was very disappointed with it! The gameplay is repetitive and the graphics are not that good…trust me, play something else…

  4. In the comics, the Guardians are blue. If anything, its the game developers fault for making them purple

  5. If another Green Lanter game comes out I"ll be sure to get it as well. I feel like a lot of negative comments come from comparrisons and the aspectations are high for Hero games. This is better than Thor game and Captain A

  6. The Game is not bad. its not the best game ever but its not bad. Its one of the better Super Hero games. It maybe short but I'm not the type to play games all day long so its long enough. The moves are fun and creative. I love the hammer and baseball bat. The hammer is real powerful. You can play it in 3d on PS3,It has God of War elements in the fight scenes and game play. A lot of Upgrades for weapons.

  7. I definitely agree that a game version of "Man of Steel" would be terrible, but I feel like Supes deserves a GOOD video game. I know that's hard to imagine, but it was hard to imagine a good Batman game before "Arkham". I think that if they did a little polishing to the story and some of the gameplay of "Superman Returns", it actually wouldn't be all that bad.

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