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Final Fantasy XIII Walkthrough Gameplay – FF13 Part 1 (Intro Cinematic – Opening Cutscene) HD 1080p


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Final Fantasy XIII Walkthrough Gameplay - FF13 Part 1 (Intro Cinematic - Opening Cutscene) HD 1080p


  1. Could somebody tell me what's the hype about FF VII? I dont get it. Yeah, it was the first 3d FF game and all, but it looks like just another PSOne RPG to me. Right now I'm playing FF IV & V on PSOne and they are great. I'm just trying out the 3D ones until now. And everybody complaining about turn-based battles. Spoiled gamers of today…

  2. My father played this when I was 8 years old and he passed away a few months later. I still can't forget the memories we had when playing this. This game is the first game I played in my whole life and now unfortunately I moved on playing shooting games and story based games , but I am watching this again because of dem graphics man..

  3. I just like watching this for the graphics. The storyline is ridiculous as well as some of the characters motivations…which is sad. FF13 had everything else going right except the most important things…the story and characters. 

  4. I had this game since release and it took me this long to complete it. Not from lack of trying but a general lack of interest. I finally sat down and decided to beat it and came across the realization that I had really missed out on something fun in the end.

  5. i really want to play this game even tho i have heard a lot of bad things about this game. the setting is too beatiful.

  6. this game doesnt exist !!!
    TURN BASED COMBAT !!! why dont the developers make HARAKIRI or SEPPUKU on themselfs instead of ruining great graphics, time, staff, money, etc… and come up with a peice of s***t like this !!!  

  7. I really wanted to like this game. It suits my tastes as far as fantasy and plot goes. But turn based combat? Really? REALLY?!?! Come on, it is 2014 (game was probably released around 2012 or something), turn based combat is something wich really is something of the 90s imo. I FUCKING HATE TURN BASED COMBAT!!!

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