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can i plug my xbox 360 into my internet connected PC via ethernet cable and get internet/xbox live?


What I have is a desktop PC connected to our wireless and I can’t be stuffed buying a wireless adapter for my 360, so if my computer is turned on hooked to the internet , could i plug a ethernet cable from my PC to my xbox 360 and get xbox live? thanks

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  1. Well you need to set up bridging.

    It’s easy.

    Connect PC to internet. Connect Xbox 360 to PC. Oh and PS your PC probably has one ethernet port so you’ll need to use WiFi but you probably have that covered.

    Anyways afterwards if you have Windows just go to Control Panel and Network Connections (On Classic Menu) and hold left-click and drag it to your internet connection (WiFi or Local Area Connection depending on what your setup is) and the port your Xbox 360 is connected to (probably has a Limited or No Connectivity sign on it or try unplugging the cable and see which one it is) and right click on it and Bridge them.

    You can also just right click on your internet connection and do Advance and Internet Sharing but that means taking away internet from your PC so the Xbox 360 can use it. Bridging lets you share and use.

    Bridging is the best method and works best in Windows 7.

    Need help?

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  2. you can do that by creating an Ad Hoc network with your computer. You could also get a cheap wifi adapter clone, check the link below. You could also use a travel router in AP client mode to emulate a wireless adapter.

  3. Of course. Actually using a ethernet cable is better than wireless because with wireless it takes longer for data to travel over airwaves. Just connect your ethernet cable from behind your Xbox 360 to your router and you should be able to connect to Xbox Live.

  4. I did it a few years ago and its on ur computer called something along the lines of (ICS or internet connection sharing) The xbox official website has a tutorial on how to hook it up

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