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Can I buy an Australian PS4 and take it back/ship it back to the UK without any problems? What import/VAT charges would I be faced with?


Basically im interested in buying a PS4 in Australia and want to take it back or ship it back to England as its cheaper to buy here than in the UK at the moment.

Am I restricted if I bring back any games and would I encounter any problems if they needed updating or anything?

Also if I was to just buy it and send it back in a package, would I have to pay any import taxes?

Much appreciated! Thanks

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  1. If you buy the console and take it with you (unboxed) then you don’t have to pay anything. If it is boxed/unopened and you carry it with you, then you might have to pay something at the airport in England, if you get checked. If you buy one and ship it then there’s just the shipping charges and nothing else.

  2. if you take it in and try to hide it they’ll fund out so you should just tell them you bought the new console and pay the taxes , the alternative is they fine you and take t away and you pay more than the console costed you in fines and have nothing

    and the answer is yes there wil be duties and taxes and its going to end up costing more overal than if you bought it in the UK so its not worth it

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