Home Xbox Games Brunswick Pro Bowling Gameplay – Career Mode – Kingsta (PS4)

Brunswick Pro Bowling Gameplay – Career Mode – Kingsta (PS4)


Brunswick Pro Bowling Gameplay - Career Mode - Kingsta (PS4)


  1. Does you anyone know the game system and the bowling game that you control the characters without controllers?

  2. So the Xbox one version is not Kinect compatable? Seriously? We just bought it and had this game,for the 360 and the 360 was Kinect all the way…anyone confirm this?

  3. Is this game fun or does it feel like the developers are beating a dead horse? Also, does it have splitscreen or same console gameplay or is it only singleplayer?

  4. I've been lookin for a bowling game to play on my xbox one I saw this and was about to buy it but once I saw it was 50 bucks I said he'll no lol

  5. they put a lot more into earlier versions, even psp, this seems as if they just had little energy left, and the default male looks like me in my twenties, so game is odd, yet am going on, seeing how it goes. I do so hope a worthy bowling game comes along.

  6. I have a stupid suggestion ik your gonna think I'm weird but I heard you can choose animations in quickplay mode is this true? If so could you do a some videos of quickplay maybe like 5 games on 1 lane 5 the other lanes and stuff? And choose diffrent animations and show them when you get a strike or a spare? Could you please do that today or this week?

  7. This game is free on iOS and Android with the same crappy music and bowling physics.

    The Wii/PS2/PSP version had much better physics even though the throwing system was flawed.

  8. the sound sounds like its from a damn gameboy color game, the presentation looks like one of those clusterfuck ps1 games, the graphics look like a ps2 game, and most importantly the gameplay looks like it could have been done on any of the above systems just as well.

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