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What new xbox 360 should i get?


I will ask again since i got 2 answers for each last time. I bought a new 60GB xbox 360 from best buy less than a month ago. I can either get the price drop of $50 or upgrade to the elite. Is the extra hdd space really worth upgrading for? Im not getting a ps3 cause none of my friends play that.

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  1. You may want a Pro. Perfect for everything, at a great price. If you want just a basic 360, get the Arcade. NOW! The big daddy is the Elite. With the price-drop, you could lean toward that. But, yeah, I would go for the Pro.

  2. The extra HD space is great for being able to store games on your Xbox, making games play smoother and faster. I would opt for getting the Elite, but it’s all on you and your budget.

    Microsoft has also added in a way to download games straight to your xbox, instead of having to go out and buy the disk.

  3. Get the elite ONLY if you either:

    Install games on your HDD or

    Download stuff on the Xbox Live Marketplace.

  4. No it isn’t worth it. Ive probably played close to 50 games on my xbox 360 and have them all saved to the hard drive still. I have 3 different accounts. My main one has over 25,000 gamerscore and has the most stuff saved on it and it only takes up about 5GB. Ive got a ton of extra junk on it that I need to delete that I probably wont, like themes and game add ons and whatnot. I have a ton of music and videos on it to, so no its not worth it, you won’t run out of space. Unless you are crazy and play a million games and plan on never deleting anything.

  5. Go for the Elite. It has a lower rate of failure than the rest of the Xbox 360 SKUs. And it has a larger HDD for more storage all for $50 more than the Pro. But the problem is ithe new cheaper elite ($299) does not come with the HDMI cable like the $399 version did. Other than that, it’s a good buy.

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