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The First 15 Minutes of Assault Android Cactus


The First 15 Minutes of Assault Android Cactus

Install Assault Android Cactus For PC Game
Following on from the announcement of a press event yesterday, Sony has been bigging up the capabilities of its PlayStation VR. Speaking at the AR/VR Vision Summit, Sony’s Richard Marks made the bold claim that its PlayStation 4 console is effectively 60% more powerful than an equivalently specced PC.
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As we move closer towards a range of virtual reality headsets becoming commercially available, there’s little doubt the PSVR occupies a unique position. Marks cites the 36 million PS4 owners out there right who all own a console capable of running PlayStation VR with its plug and play experience, and he reckons this, combined with familiarity with the hardware, makes PS4 a viable place for VR

Install Assault Android Cactus For PC Game


  1. I highly recommend this game, it's a total blast and oozes charm and polish. Even if twinsticks aren't usually your thing, seriously consider picking this one up. Also, there's a demo on Steam, go try it!

  2. It's a tad strange that they hired voice actors, but in-game dialogue is text only. I'm just nitpicking at that point, though. This looks fun.

  3. This must be a Wii U exclusive. They wouldn't release this master piece to the shitstation 4 and xboner one.

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