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Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin DX11/ Xbox One/ PS4 Review (1080p60)


Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin DX11/ Xbox One/ PS4 Review (1080p60)


  1. hey man i was wondering if you can you please help me with a Boss i really dont know where to get help or where to go to get help

  2. Doesn't look drastically different from the last gen versions, seems like the colors are different and have a lot more contrast. I'd say the biggest change and that's for console users is shadow quality, then the higher res and 60fps are nice too but there's none of the dynamic lighting and effects they put in pre release. A lot of areas still look pretty much like a late gen PS2 game.

  3. That is a nice upgrade.

    I like that. If they can get a game to run at not only better framerate but also look better and overall run better then it is worth rebuying.

  4. thanks for the video. i didnt expect that these graphic improvements were so significant. coming from someone who played this on ps3, this looks really good actually. this is much closer to what the original teaser gameplay footage looked like back then. dark souls 1 looked much better than vanilla dark souls 2. maybe this changes things a little.

  5. Coming from Bloodborne and never having played a Dark Souls title before (even demon souls) even though I didnt get to the end yet(I've only had it for a week now) I feel like Dark souls is much more easy… Parries are a bit weird tho you've got some kind of delay on it or something.. but yeah. Lore wise this game has gave me the chills already. I'm definitivly gonna play the heck out of this game. The game is a solid 9/10 for me, the only real downside for me is that it is not difficult enough(yet?) so yeah.. a MUST buy IMO.

  6. Well right now Scholar of the First sin is cheaper then the normal version. Which sucks cause my little brother just bought DS2. It wasn't entirely obvious just searching for Dark Souls 2 that they were two separate games, it looked like it was an expansion pack from the search results.
    They really needed to add the word Edition at the end of the title.

  7. Ok first of all the graphics comparisons are done all wrong you should be comparing the 360 version to the Xbone version, ps3 to ps4 or dx9 to dx11, why the f**k should xbox players care how the dx11 version looks compared to 360 if they dont play on pc anyway?

  8. I have an older gaming pc (2010/2011) and an xbox one, i also never played dark souls 2 or its dlcs (i barely played the first one).
    What do you recommend me to do?

  9. All this review is is two people having sex with their computer…the amount of complaining about the 360 is unreal, do you need reminding how old the console is? Play this game on a pc that was available at the same time and it will look the same…

  10. Steam is actually giving you an upgrade option if you already own DS2 on steam for $30 which is the same as the DLC. So if you never bought the DLC this is actually a good deal. I only bought the first DLC so I might actually pick it up.

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