Home Playstation Games 19 Minutes of Vikings: Wolves of Midgard Gameplay

19 Minutes of Vikings: Wolves of Midgard Gameplay


19 Minutes of Vikings: Wolves of Midgard Gameplay

Fun Diablo-like hack & slash, Hit that like button if you want more 🙂
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Vikings Wolves Of Midgard Walkthrough Part 1 - INTRO! (Ps4 Pro Gameplay)


  1. My Eyes cant continue seen this dude playing this game like this….. Gezzz I have that feeling of flip the table and F***k off

  2. no se si malo es la palabra para describirlo, después de jugar un rato me pareció bastate soso, monótono, tosco…igual voy a seguir jugandolo un poco más, solo porque extraño Titan Quest 🙁

  3. all compare it to diablo….what about Path of Exile? There is sooo much stuff implementet, it is just never ever boring, esp. that in Juli they pump it up to 10 chapters (only 1 playthrough). The Diablo-makers should be ashamed and should all hide under the next stone if somebody starts comparing their cheap shit to PoE….maybe u got it, I am one of the disappointed Diablo-customers (already played Diablo 1), fully satisfied now in PoE.

  4. $59.99 for this crap? i rather go play No Man Sky instead. Game seems like its only worth $39.99.

  5. I pre-I ordered the game and let me know politely if the game supports 4k for the 21: 9 format. I've already asked around but no one could answer my question. Thank you.

  6. So no voice acting?  Don't care for that.  On PC it has gamepad support, I do like that.  Mixed as to whether I will care for game or not so….Rental.

  7. I like this kind or genre of games , they also need to bring more of 2d or 3d side scrolling games.. tired of playing first person shooter and first person games ,

  8. I can't wait to pick up my preordered copy tomorrow. I've been wanting this game since I first learned about it.

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