Home Playstation Forum Which FPS war game like C.O.D has the longest single Player campaign?

Which FPS war game like C.O.D has the longest single Player campaign?


Before you go on about how FPSs are meant to be played online here’s my story. I’m from Swaziland Africa and just upgraded to ps3(after tonns of saving) and internet is wack and extremly expensive. I like war games and since I was never into P.C, I need to buy games and they cost E600 to E700 local currency.So i want an FPS that will be value for money,long single player campaign,difficult and twice the fun. Please help!!

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  1. personally i would say borderlands or far cry 3. I tend to favor far cry out of the two simply because it feels so fresh and is simply a wonder to play. you have to get it the campaign took me 18+ hours and there are still so many side missions to do i am so hooked. you have to get it, it is the best game i have ever played. and if you cant afford far cry 3 then get borderlands. good game but far cry 3 is resally the much better option

  2. I’m told Borderlands is practically endless when you include side missions, and have you considered skyrim? I played nothing but that for three months and only half finished it.

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