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Video Game Review: Tony Hawk’s Proving Ground


Video Game Review: Tony Hawk's Proving Ground


  1. Overall, it's a good game (better than THP8 in my opinion). The story mode was a good idea (since it worked so well in THUG), but it was poorly executed and some missions were just boring, pointless and sometimes kinda hard.
    And all that AM, PRO and SICK stuff was so freaking annoying! The previous games (before THP8) had a difficulty menu, after selecting "career/story mode", which was 10 times better than this BS.

    Also, I dont understand why "Free Skate" mode isn't in the game. Every single THPS game had it.

  2. I just got this game for $2 at a thrift store yesterday and I was just wondering how the game would be. Thanks for uploading!

  3. Pretty good game in the series, but the constantly rainy, wet, and overcast weather made me feel depressed from playing it.  The only Tony Hawk game I never bothered to finish.

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