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Sacred 3 – Review


Massacring Sacred 3’s monster hordes is brutal, silly fun, but don’t expect anything more ambitious than that.

Sacred 3 - Review


  1. This is not Sacred anymore. The first one was AWESOME! Then it just started going downhill in the second one when they ported it to consoles…

  2. People hate it because they love to spend half the game's time managing stats and items, while the actual combat has 2,3 attack animations while you stand in front of an enemy rolling the dice on a dodge proc so you wont get stomped on. Maybe people need to wake up and realise that even this trashy arcade game is tons better than any diablo /sacred crap.

  3. Thumbs down for an un Skippable commercial before ALL OF TJEIR VIDEOS. don't worry, I thumbs up most of ign's reviews. just letting off some steam.

  4. I'm not familiar with the Sacred series and decided I wasn't going to get too invested in the story and…for a free game, it's not bad. Seriously, stop bitching about it. Being that I'm not a fan of the series, having no expectations was good, as I'm pleasantly surprised with how much enjoyment I've gotten out of it. It's basic, easy to learn and repetitive but have a few drinks and just enjoy it. It's not supposed to be taken seriously. Working through getting most of the achievements now

  5. Am I the only one who actually likes this game? Granted, I got it for free on Xbox 360 and haven't played the previous titles but the game isn't really all that bad if it was a standalone arcade game. I have it and I'm having a blast playing it. Is it the best hack n slash game? no. Only reason people bash on it is because it supposedly killed off an entire franchise because of how different and simplistic the game is. But if you ever do have a chance to get the game for cheap, it's not a complete waste of money even though the initial $50 is a bit too outrageus for such a simple and linear arcade game with sub par voice acting and lame jokes.

  6. free on xbox360 gold for this month …. but is it even worth the storage….? I doubt it. @bestntheuniverz

  7. 00:23 wtf they went from open world to closed off……. wtf that's compleaty turned me off I'll still play it this month but that pisses me off I want 2 now

  8. Didn't Xbox 360 users already get a top down game like this this month? Oh yeah Dungeon Siege 3. Bland to me but it was free so can't complain too much.

  9. How did they succeed in making this worse than sacred 2? sacred 2 was still nice , but this became a stage game instead of open world? that just diptarted

  10. At least this was the fairest review I have seen I think this game was well worth the 10 I paid for the first edition version and I've spent a good few hours on it

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