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Review – Crash Of The Titans (PS2, Wii, X360)


Review #15 and its Crash Of The Titans for the Sony Plastation 2 released in 2007. Part 6 of my month of Crash
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Review - Crash Of The Titans (PS2, Wii, X360)


  1. Why did you copy Game Dude? I don't think he's an atrocious reviewer like some people do, but still, use your own words or at least acknowledge the plagiarism. Your review has a couple contradictions also. "Titans suck", then "Titans are cool", "The graphics are plain awesome" then "graphics are decent". What am I supposed to take from that?

  2. oh and by the way,can you be a little accurate on why you think the models are bad?Seriously,you're just like"THEY LOOK AWFUL!!","THEY LOOK LIKE SHIT!!","THEY LOOK SOOO BAD!!!". 

  3. I personally enjoyed Crash of the Titans. Sure, it made a lot of things different, but I still enjoyed it.

  4. By the way. Character models does not suck at all. Profesional cartoon artstyle.
    Sure cutscenes sucks balls her. But 98 cutscenes sucks at any game.

    Rant about good games is sad.

    Realy bad review. Mediocore at lest. And your sound quality sucks man. And your cutscenes sucks balls dude. Next time chose right victim for your hate kid. I didnt find game slow or boring. It is only solid game after Crash 3.

  5. Realy good game. After Naugty Dog studio left Crash ip, we had pretty bad game or two with Crash. Also two racing carts games. This is only game after Crash 3 able to meet standarts of PS1 era.

    It is not perfect. Titans are big part of gameplay. They have too much space for themself.
    But becose it was fresh element to Crash Bandicoot franchise. New Titans every level.
    Graphic was pretty awesome for PS2.

    Too bad that next title wasnt that good. I never understood why Sony did not care about Crash for PS2 era.

    After they had huge hit for PS1, they give Crash to total amaters. Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath Of Cortex was tragic.

  6. Crash of the Titans was one of the best games i owned. I loved it and you are bullshitting about the titans being repetitive. Bad review.

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