1. how is this 2017 when its uploaded at 2016? also i need a tutorial for how to make a master account in 2017 like for real…

  2. Hai, I got new ps4 pro, but I can't sign in New PSN account, that shows error CE-39935-9 any one can you give a solution for this issue?

  3. is this a real video? like for real???? 116,443 people are that stupid they dont know how to make an account????????? WHAT

  4. I have 2 PSN accounts, and One is on my PS4. I want to exit out of the user PSN account and put my new PSN account on the same user so my account data can be saved. How do I do that

  5. it just bothers me how the planes and environment look real but the humans or characters look animated.

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