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Do you need Xbox Live to play multiplayer?


I’m totally confused. is Xbox Live FREE? Or do I have to pay for it?

And am I able to multiplayer with my friends when they come over my house to play?

Every time I try playing Halo:ODST on my Xbox 360, I’ll put the Multiplayer CD in the drive and then try to find the right option that lets me play with my friends. why do I need Xbox Live to play with people that I’m with? I have 2 controllers plugged in, am I doing something wrong?

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  1. Xbox Live can be free — a Silver level account will give you access to the marketplace and some other features. To play online multiplayer, you have to pay for Gold.

    Halo:ODST has the two discs. The ‘multiplayer’ disc is actually all the Multiplayer maps for Halo 3 and can only be used online (with Xbox Live Gold). The Campaign disc is the full Halo ODST game including offline split-screen multiplayer. Playing multiplayer offline is free.

  2. You only have to pay when you are playing someone online, not when you are playing someone offline that is sitting in the same room as you.

  3. XBL is NOT free. You have to pay for it. You can buy 1 month (7.99), 3 months (19.99) or a yearly subscription (49.99).

    ODST does have offline multiplayer. What do you mean you are using the multiplayer disk? The offline co-op mode should be on the first disk. Refer to the manual if you get stuck.

    Oh, yeah, I forgot that a silver membership for XBL was free. I was talking about gold subscriptions which is the only one that lets you play online.

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